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*For best results 4-8 sessions are recommended*

What to expect

Your skin will be red/flushed (possible swelling) for the first 24 hours

  • Skin may feel like mild sunburn/tight/itchy

  • Days following, your skin may become dry, peel or breakout. You may experience red dots or a rash

  • Within 4-5 days you can expect a full recovery

  • Within 3 weeks improvement in pigmentation

  • 4-6 improvement in lines, wrinkles & scarring begins


Recovery Timeline*

60 mins - Reddening & possible spot bleeding

24 Hrs - Redding, rash, red dots, minor swelling

1-2 Days - Rash, red dots, reduced swelling, minor itching, dry/tight sensation

2-3 Days - Reduced rash, red dots reduced, swelling lessened, reduced itching, minor skin itching

3-4 Days - Dryness/Flaking

4-5 Days - Full recovery with normalised function

3 Weeks - Improvement in pigmentation begins

4-6 weeks - Improvements in lines, wrinkles and scarring begins.


*These are a general guide, everyone's skin differs and therefore so do the outcomes/ reactions.



  • Don't wear make up for at least 24-72hrs, clean brushes/sponges before use.

  • Avoid touching your face, wash your hands before you do

  • Avoid direct sun, saunas, steam, swimming or strenuous exercise for 72hrs.

  • Don't wash your face for at least 48-72hrs & only use a gentle cleanser when you do (no harsh chemicals/acids/ retinol for the 1st week)

  • Wear a high factor sunscreen when going out & keep the skin well hydrated by drinking plenty of water & using hydrating products such as Hyaluronic acid.

  • Omega & Vitamin C Supplements can be taken to support the treatment.




* Zero downtime facial but these are recommended for optimum results*

  • Ideally leave your face untouched & unwashed for at least 6hrs post treatment

  • Avoid intense heat, sun exposure, & strenuous activities for at least 24hrs

  • Avoid wearing make-up for 24-48hrs.

  • Wear a high 30+ sunscreen

  • Refrain from waxing, exfoliation or harsh chemicals (retinol/ aha's...) for 48hrs

Chemical Peels

What to expect

  • Your skin may feel warm/ tingly

  • You may have slight redness to the skin

  • Your skin may become dry, flake & peel*
    (*very slightly and not always) in the next few days, this is your skin reacting & forming a protective barrier

  • Your skin may 'breakout' / purge over the next few days (this is normal and a release of toxins)

image1 (2).jpeg

Chemical Peels


  • Do not tweeze, pick, rub, exfoliate, wax, use a depilatory on skin for at least a week

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 48hrs.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure, heat/ saunas.

  • Wear SPF 30+ every day

  • Do not use harsh products that contain aha, glycolic, retinol

  • Use a gentle, un scented moisturiser to keep skin hydrated

  • Wash face using cool/ like warm water and a gentle cleanser

  • Only lightly exfoliate 3-5 days post treatment if needed

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